1 Wine Dude, Anthony Dias Blue, And Yours Truly, A Happy Wine Blogger!

Wow. I read quite a post over on 1 Wine Dude  today. Joe Roberts, host of 1 wine Dude (a great blog, if you’ve not yet visited) writes about wine writer Anthony Dias Blue (described on his own website  as “one of the most influential wine, food and lifestyle personalities in the United States”) and his apparent recent verbal “attack” on wine bloggers. In the July 2009 issue of Tasting Panel in a piece titled “…And Who Regulates the Bloggers?” Mr. Blue apparently wrote the following:

“And who are these bloggers anyway and, more important, what is their motivation? It would be comforting to find that they are altruistic wine lovers who see their purpose as bringing insight and valuable information to like-minded consumers. But the image that presents itself is of bitter, carping gadflies who, as they stare into their computer screens and contemplate their dreary day jobs, let their resentment and sense of personal failure take shape as vicious attacks on the established critical media.”


Well, I’ll leave it to you, the readers, to visit both Joe’s site, the article in Tasting Panel, and perhaps even Anthony Dias Blue’s site, to draw your own conclusions, but personally, I’d just like to note a couple things, beginning with the fact that to date I’ve never had reason to feel particularly one way or the other about Mr. Blue, other than that in the past I’ve fundamentally noted and appreciated his endeavors on behalf of wine lovers everywhere via his writings, his appearances, and his being the Executive Director of the San Francisco International Wine Competition. As regards the quote above, however, I’d like to note the following:

My day job is pretty darn fine! I taste Ridge wines for a living! I talk about Ridge wines for a living! I share Ridge wines with other people for a living! And yes, I post blogs about Ridge wines as part of my work here! So I guess, to answer Mr. Blue’s question (…and who are these bloggers anyway?…), that’s who this wine blogger is!

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2 replies

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    And I’m glad at least one other wine blogger has a cool day job! 🙂

    • Hey, thanks so much for the comment! Great to hear from you, and I hope things are very well your way … and yeah, not a bad lil’ day gig at all!


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