A Carignane Confluence! -or- A Conversion Conversation! -or- Monroe On Carignane!

Amy Monroe is a serious and well-educated wine drinker. And in addition to being an esteemed member of the Ridge Monte Bello staff, she also writes a column on wine for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. AND, without any provocation from me (just a pure and true case of oeno-synchronicity) she very recently happened to write an article about a particular carignane! Not ours, mind you, but a very interesting one, in that, despite Amy Monroe’s previous and professed dislike of this particular varietal, she found it highly appealing! Accordingly, I thought it would be appropriate to make note of Amy’s journey towards the light. You can read the full article here, but just to whet the whistle of your interest, a sampling of rather colorful quotes:

“Carignane is the viticultural equivalent of Jon & Kate, the Duggars, and Octo Mom. Left to its own devices, it bears prodigious amounts of fruit.”

“Carignane lived up to its infamous reputation: I hated every one I tried. They all tasted like burnt rubber, and a single sip was often so acidic that I worried about the state of my tooth enamel.”

“…my formerly least favorite grape variety is quirkily appealing. Drinking it is a lot like eating a steak dinner and following it with strawberry shortcake for dessert. It’s an adept coupling of sanguine and sweet that’s deliciously familiar.”

And my personal favorite, “it doesn’t always suck.”

I encourage you to read her column; it’s a delightful, insightful, downright inviting combination of high-brow and low-down, just like we like it.

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