Brie And Chianti: More Wine In Poetry!

A confluence of three occurrences called to mind a particular, and particularly beautiful, poem for me last night: 1) My conversation yesterday with our VP of HR Nicole Buttitta about favorite wine moments, 2) A recent dinner shared with my missus at Santa Cruz’s fine wine bar Soif, and 3) the Orchestral Suite #3 in D by Johann Sebastian Bach that I listened to on KDFC while driving the mountain home last night.

The poem in question is entitled “Brie And Chianti At Midnight,” and it was written by Robert Lavett Smith. The poem was included in his collection “Everything Moves With A Disfigured Grace” (Alsop Review), a book I highly, highly recommend. Here is the poem:


Brie And Chianti At Midnight


In a tiny hotel room in a city renowned

for its medieval bridges, we share quiet

caresses, Brie and Chianti at midnight.


We have learned silence on our

journey together, passing through

lands where our words were useless.


My eager hands navigate your face

in the darkness: an oddly joyous act,

like reading a Bach sonata in Braille. 


The moments in life we remember, that affect us so profoundly, the ones we carry with us through all our days; strange how often they involve food and wine, how tightly these sensuous and sensual components are sewn into the fabric of our personal narratives. There is life in food, life in wine, life in us all. Bless you Robert Lavett Smith, bless you poetry, for constantly reminding us of this.

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