‘Twas The Night Before The Wedding …

‘Twas the night before the wedding,

and all through the wine

(and in case you were wondering

the wedding was mine!)


yes, all through the wine

the wedding party did go,

and in case you were wondering,

I thought I would show …


Yes, I thought I would show

the offerings we offered

dispatched with great haste

from special RIDGE coffers …


We drank them from magnums

we drank them from splits

we let 750’s

pass ‘cross our lips …


Beginning with splits,

a size we could use,

we shared in the glory

of Cab Santa Cruz!


And oh 750,

the joy that it brings,

especially when pouring

’05 Lytton Springs!


And lastly, in magnums,

the ol’ olive branch,

extended in peace,

the ’02 Home Ranch!

Categories: Viticultural Salmagundi, Wine Tales

2 replies

  1. Congratulations! Does wine taste better now that you are officially on lock down? Oh, and what year of Cab Santa Cruz?

    All the best in your new union!

    • Wow, “lock down.” Incarceration never sounded (or tasted!) so good! And it was the ’05, by the way … And thanks for the well wishes, I’m thrilled, and most definitely a very lucky boy …

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