How Posting On A Wine Blog About Jazz Can Make Magic Things Happen

I received the most wonderful gift very recently, and with the permission of my kindly benefactor, I’d like to tell you about it; I received a package in the mail, which I was not expecting, from an address I didn’t recognize. This of course happens sometimes here, but usually, the name of the business on the return label is instantly recognizable as being a wine-related business (“Oeno-Phonetics,” or “Aroma-Trunks,” or “Vino-Vessels,” or “Corks -n- Sporks,” or other such wondrousnesses …).

Anyhow, the address in question was The University of California Press. I was intrigued, particularly as it was addressed to me by name, as opposed to say, Tasting Room Manager, or Glass Buffing Specialist, or Spitton-Cleanser-Man. I opened the package with great anticipation, only to be utterly befuddled when I saw what was inside. Music books! Three wonderful books on Music! (Titles below, by the way …).

I picked the top one up, the autobiography of the great jazz pianist Horace Silver, and out from under the book cover slipped a note and a business card. It was from a Monte Bello Collector Member who is affiliated with the press, and he wrote that he had sent me these books after having read my post on  Wine & Jazz on this blog! What a wonderful gift to receive! I was thoroughly touched, and amazed all over again at just how social wine truly is; it draws our kindnesses out, our generosities, our spirits, and it never fails to assist in adding yet another story to the great canon of human fable throughout time immemorial …

Anyhow, here are the titles he sent; I highly recommend them all:

These books are all available on, or from The University of California Press.

Thank you kindly benefactor!

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