Two Very Important Things I Learned Yesterday, At Lunch And Dinner Respectively

1. 100% bio-degradable picnicware forks melt if you try and eat hot chili with them.


2. The Ridge Vineyards 2005 Buchignani Ranch Zinfandel pairs extraordinarily well with biscuits and gravy.


I’m just sayin …

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  1. So, Chris, what flavor was the gravy? Bacon, sausage or chipped beef? I’m thinking bacon gravy might pair best with Ridge Zins!

    • Hard to answer specifically, because it was kind of a “complicated” gravy; but it was definitely HIGHLY savory, with much, much umami on offer, so I think bacon is defintely the most relevant descriptor, though the herbs played a particularly important role as well. Especially the sage … Oh, the sage … Anyhow, I think I’ll agree with you here, if one’s choice of gravy is bacon, sausage, or chipped beef to pair with a Ridge zin, I’m definitely going bacon … Though I will also stand up in defense of the notion that gravy is SO much more than a mere three choices (not that you were suggesting that by any means, I’m just getting on a roll here …); if you look at the historical model for gravy, it’s kind of poor folks food (pour folks?); cook something, and if there is anything left over (i.e. “drippins”), add it to flour and water, and hello gravy! I made a gravy once after doing a sort of soy-sauce (actually Tamarind) based stir-fry thing, using the remaining sauce as the add-in for the flour and water (the sauce was primarily tamarind, toasted sesame oil, rice vinegar, ginger juice, chili flakes, and dried basil, with some residual juice from grilling baby bella mushrooms), and it was delicious!

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