Jimsomare “Virtual Vertical”: It’s Time To Set The Day!

Ok, we’ve definitely assembled a great group of tasters for our Jimsomare “Virtual Vertical,” now it’s time to set a day. I’ve had one person specifically suggest one so far, so I’ll start there; how does everyone feel about July5th? I don’t want to set a specific time, because if everyone participates who has expressed interest, we’ll have tasters from the East Coast, from Japan, and from Australia! And of course the time changes would then be problematic. So, we’re just going to set the day. July 5th anyone?

Here’s a couple other symbolic ideas:

–Since the 2007 vintage of Jimsomare has 14.7 alcohol, we could taste on 7.14? (July 14th)

–Since the acreage at Jimsomare is 6.25 acres, we could taste on 6.25? (June 25th)

–Since there were only 17 barrels produced of the 2007 Jimsomare, we could taste on the 17th of any month?

–Since Robert Parker once wrote, “One of the greatest old Zinfandels I ever tasted was the 1970 Jimsomare,” and since the 1970 Jimsomare was bottle in ’73, we could taste on 7.3? (July 3rd)



Ok tasters, pick a date, any date, I’m getting thirsty!

And if you don’t remember the original invitation and description of the Jimsomare “Virtual Vertical”, or if you’re still on the fence about deciding to participate, here is the original post:


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7 replies

  1. Chris,
    I had heard earlier that July 5 might be the date, but that day came and went and I have heard nothing further. Has a date been set?

    • The 5th was definitely the first possible opportunity, but I only had 2 takers on it, and as I’m certainly hoping to get more, we’re going to have to look at another date. To be perfectly honest, I’m still struggling a bit to really lit a fire for this event, but I’m still hopeful! More news soon (I hope!) …


  2. Chris:

    Sorry but I couldn’t wait till July 5 to pop the cork on some 1997 Jimsomare Cab. WOW! After decanting for 1 1/2 hours: still very primary (in my opinion, this is a 30 year wine). A nose I could just sit and inhale for hours…saddle leather, tobacco, blackberry, currant. Still quite tannic, but intense fruit. Another 5 years maybe to shed the big tannins? Who knows, but there are 6 bottles left in the cellar…looking forward to commentary on some of the other Jimsomare cabs…have a great 4th! MDL

    • Fantastic, thanks! I’ll keep you posted as we get more responses …


      p.s. I’ve added your site to our blog roll; I enjoyed your writing, and look forward to reading more!

  3. Right, um… mid-july is good… although seems to not be too many on boarc.

    • Thanks Rob! We’ve got about 15 people on board for the tasting, but yeah, people are coming back a little slow with date preferences. No worries though, we’ll get there …

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