Truly One From The Vaults: A Piece Of Ridge History -or- The Great 4488 Rides Again!

What an astonishingly excellent piece of Ridge history our President and COO Mark Vernon has gifted me today! Ridge-o-philes, prepare thyselves! As explained by Mark, the scan below is “page 1 of Ridge’s original BW4488 Taxable Removal Record Book. The ATF (TTB) requires all wineries to keep track of the wine they remove from their ‘bonded’ inventory so that the proper wine tax can be calculated and paid to the ATF. (This book) contains the records from the beginning through 1973.”

Fantastic! Check it out … (you can click on the image for full-size) …




Aaaah, Ridge memorabilia. I love it! Thanks Mark!


And not to be greedy, but anyone else out there got anything fun on offer?

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