Spring Becoming Summer On The Ridge: Monte Bello Photos

The small cadre of indisputably dedicated individuals who have taken it as one of their soul’s missions to forever preserve, enhance, and glorify the wondrous grounds of Monte Bello have gifted us the beautific experience of watching the seasons develop and transition in vivid living color right before our magic-hungered eyes.


Ridge is a business, it’s true, and with that fact come some of the brass tacks realities of working in the trade; we sit before computers sending e-mail after e-mail, we answer and make an endless litany of phone calls, we fax, we copy, we collate. We labor over spread sheets, we count inventory. We buff glasses, wash our dishes, wipe our counters. We run numbers, we write checks, we send letters. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget where we are, and how fortunate our lives are to be working where we’re working.


In some ways perhaps, I am offering this post as an urging of sorts to my wonderful co-workers, and to myself as well; to go outside, and behold the glory of Monte Bello in all its pristine naked rusticity and vibrancy. And to all of you I say, may your surroundings give you peace and joy as well, and should they ever fail you in some fashion, then please, come join us on the Ridge. The seasons here await you. As do we.




My back to the valley below,

gazing up at the remainder of the mountain,

I spy rooftops looming over

weaving tree lines.

Who lives at the top of this world,

and can they see me down here,

trying to spell their dreams out




Categories: Monte Bello, Viticultural Salmagundi, Wine & Poetry, Wine Tales


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