Crystal Ball Persuasion: This Weekend’s Flights …

We’ve got a great selection of wines on our tasting flights this weekend, and I thought I’d just run through a few of the wines on offer that I’m particularly looking forward to tasting and to showcasing:

2007 Geyserville

“As we blind-tasted, Geyserville’s unique character seemed clearest in thirty-nine of the lots. The exceptional quality of carignane and petite sirah argued for their full inclusion; percentages are comparable to the superb 1991 vintage. By year’s end, the blend was aging in air-dried american oak barrels. Sensuous structure and opulent fruit give this fine wine immediate appeal. Firm tannins and acidity assure its longevity over the next ten to twelve years. EB (10/08)”

(Both internal and industry respone to this vintage has been almost preposterously positive to date; this could be one of the all-time classic Geyservilles! –cw)

2004 Oltranti

“In 1987, Niccolo and Flora Oltranti purchased the old Mazzoni Home Ranch. Above the surviving nineteenth century vines were several abandoned hillside vineyards, which Niccolo and son Paul restored, replanting to zinfandel. These young vines have now matured, and make up eighty-five percent of the 2004. Oltranti is an exceptional site. Despite the vines’ relative youth, they have produced a wine redolent of exotic spice and rich, dark fruit. Enjoyable now, this excellent, full-bodied zinfandel will develop fully over the next five to seven years. EB/PD (11/05)”

(April’s ATP release, this will be the first weekend that this wine is available to the general public! — cw)

2005 Syrah Lytton West

“Pressed at six days on average, the free run wines completed a natural malolactic fermentation and were racked to barrel. Assemblage was determined in late spring by blind tasting of the eight possible components. The oldest parcels produced wine of exceptional depth and density; the younger yielded focused fruit and soft, balanced tannins. Five lots were chosen for this fine syrah, and aged for a total of twenty-one months in air-dried american oak. Enjoyable now for its forward, spicy fruit, it will develop greater complexity over the next ten years. EB (5/07)”

(see my previous post! — cw)

2005 Monte Bello

“Pressed at 8 days on average, 40% of the wine went through natural malolactic in barrel, the rest in small fermentors. Assemblage began in February. After several weeks blind tasting, we made a barrel each of 3 different blends. Petit verdot and cabernet franc were added immediately, another merlot and 3 cabernets in May, some rich first-press wine in December. 17 months in new air-dried american oak—from French and American coopers—has contributed spice and texture. This is a superb vintage. Beautifully balanced, it will continue to develop over several decades. EB/PD (3/07)

(Undeniably still a baby at this point, but double-decanted out of a 375ml first thing in the morning allows for a pretty delectable sneak preview! — cw)

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