Half A Glass Of Wine?

Did anyone read the “Drink A Little Wine, Live A Little Longer” article from HealthDay that was posted on Yahoo the other day? Here’s the link if not:


What a curious article! Two things come to mind right away; beer increases life expectancy? And, who on earth drinks HALF A GLASS OF WINE?

Enquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Virtually all of the eating/drinking habit studies are methodologically compromised because they rely on self reporting. Researchers might ask, “How much broccoli to you eat in a week?” and the respondent says, “Oh, I’d say about 6.343 ounces.” and the researcher duly notes it down and does an analysis of variance on the results. Maybe a multiple regression analysis. In the end, a published article proclaims some health association with a particular level of consumption of broccoli.

    Junk science.

    What we might speculate is that if someone reports that they drink half a glass of wine a day and enjoys it, the person is probably not being truthful. OK, more bluntly: They’re lying.

    Now, let’s restate that correlation: Liars live longer. Just a little.

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