PS: RE: The 06′ Santa Cruz Mountains Estate – A Story About Cheese!

I just remembered, I actually had one other opportunity to taste this wine recently (the new 2006 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains Estate), in the context of a “trade” tasting, and I happened to be able to taste it with an outstanding cheese; Cowgirl Creamery’s “Mt. Tam.” Based in Point Reyes Station, CA, Cowgirl Creamery makes some astonishingly fine cheeses, and the Mt. Tam is no exception. It’s a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese that utilizes vegetarian microbial rennet, and it is organic. (It also, by the way, won First Prize at the American Cheese Society Competition: soft-ripened category)! It’s earthy in a mushroomy sort of way, and definitely funky; but highly funky delicious! Its soft, smooth, concentrated triple-cream middle is wrapped in a rind that I can only describe as mouth-wateringly pungent; it was actually a perfect complement to the young cabernet sauvignon-based blend that is the Santa Cruz Mountains Estate right now; the youthful acidity provides a great counterbalancing cut to the warm, buttery triple-cream density, and the funky Mt. Tam Rind accents and draws out all the complex herbality currently available in the wine. I must confess, I was a bit woozy afterwards! Quite  a treat …

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