The Long Look Backwards: Vintage Ridge Labels

One of the truly great things about working at Ridge is the contact you have with people who are long, long time Ridge supporters. Not a weekend goes by where I don’t find myself in fantastic conversations with “vintage” Ridge-ers. One of the more delightful things that often happens is that these folks bring in wines from their own cellars to enjoy in our picnic area. This past weekend was just such an occurrence; spying a set of 98 and 99 Ridge Syrahs on one of the tables, I couldn’t resist going up to chat. Not only did I meet a great couple on a first visit from Texas, I also met one William Powell (whom the Texas couple were in visiting), who absolutely dazzled me with the extent of his knowledge about Ridge. I look forward to posting a great many stories from and about Mr. Powell, but today, I want to share some brilliant images he’s forwarded on to me. And major kudos to him for saving these gems for so long; what follows are three of some of the great old Ridge Labels that he’s been collecting over the years. Thank you Mr. Powell!

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