Ridge California Cabernet Sauvignon Tepusquet 1981: A Mystery To Unravel?

I recently received an extraordinary e-mail from a Ridge fan, and they have very kindly allowed me to include some language from their correspondence. Please see below:

“I found a bottle of Ridge California Cabernet Sauvignon Tepusquet 1981 in a store near Savannah Georgia a few years ago.  I decided to open it recently and I can report that it was absolutely excellent.  Although it was obviously an old wine it still had plenty of fruit and even a touch of tannin, with lots of wonderful earthy and woody overtones that can only come with bottle age and a fine wine. (The label said it would be at its best over the next three or four years!)”

I think I can safely say this is the first e-mail I’ve seen to mention this extraordinarily rare offering, and as I begin my detective work on this wine, I thought I’d see if anyone else out there has some familiarity, or perhaps an experience to share.

If you know this wine, please share you’re story! Enquiring minds want to know!

Categories: Cabernet Sauvignon, History, Viticultural Salmagundi, Wine Tales

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