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The Duende

To express the inexpressibilities; this is the challenge faced by the word when its instruments and agents are applied to the intangible. How do you explain what love is? How do  you write a flavor? How do you describe a… Read More ›

Consistency, Wine, & The Market

Consider “market pressure” in the wine industry, particularly as it relates to the fiscal realities of producing wine. A producer of wine lives in many, many time zones concurrently. At any given time, one lives within the following: –Land laying fallow, awaiting new planting. –New… Read More ›

Pre-Industrial … Music.

We’ve spoken quite a bit of late about pre-industrial winemaking; both as methodology, and concept. It’s the latter I’m thinking on at the moment, as I mourn the passing of the very great Doc Watson. Pre-industrial as methodology might be described… Read More ›