#VineWatch14: Week 1! It Begins!

There is something uniquely magical about a vineyard in winter, and while Mother Nature has delivered Norther California a decidedly different iteration of the season this year (see: Out, Out, Damn Drought!), the Winter magic is still there, still present, still writ large and small into the very sinews of our vines as they sit in contemplation of the coming growing season, and accordingly, there seems no time like the present to commence a new season of #VineWatch.

For those not familiar with this series, please feel free to enter #VineWatch into the search field of this blog, or simply click here — #VineWatch — and you can watch the series play out week by week, year after year; it’s quite an amazing look deep into the beating heart of a vineyard’s annual changes ringing, and as the year progresses, things get all the more exciting, culminating in the greatest magic of all: harvest!

You can also follow on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well; in each case, simply search for #VineWatch (or specifically, #VineWatch14, for this year’s edition!), and you’ll find our vines!

If you’re new to this series, the short version is as follows: we’ve selected a beautiful vine at each of our historic Estates — Lytton Springs & Monte Bello — and each week, we take and post and photo here on the blog, allowing you the opportunity to experience firsthand just exactly how a vine moves through its changes over the course of a growing season: from the quietude of winter, to the stark change of pruning; to the excitement and foreshadowing of bud-break and veraison, to the drama and resolution of harvest. (In addition, there will be supporting interviews with our vineyard teams, action videos from the vineyards themselves, commentaries from the winemaker’s about how the year is shaping up, and more.)

And with that said, it’s time for the launch of #VineWatch14!

Changes have already begun, most notably: pruning. Here at Monte Bello, the clippers actually still loom on the horizon, leaving the stark architecture of our naked vine still wisping and weaving in the blue fields of the horizon …


Cabernet Sauvignon vine, Monte Bello

… but at Lytton Springs, pruning day is already past!


Zinfandel vine, Lytton Springs

And with that, I happily welcome you to the debut of #VineWatch14!

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